Erosion Control - March/April 2017


2017-01-26 14:43:36

Ecologel Solutions LLC Enhance germination rates and seedling survival! Use Hydretain as part of your hydroseeding routine to provide more plant usable water in between scheduled waterings or rainfall. Applied with your seed, Hydretain attracts and collects individual water molecules, converting unavailable moisture vapor into plant usable water droplets. This process protects seeds from drying out and reduces drought stress for improved establishment. Visit us at IECA Booth # 734 for more information FINN Corporation Only FINN provides the widest variety of HydroSeeder sizes ranging from 300 to 4,000 gallon capacities, and they are designed to meet the needs of extensive erosion control jobsites and demanding seeding applications. With an exclusive pump designed to handle the thickest slurries, hydroseed large erosion blanket areas quickly for proven results. FINN also manufactures small to mid-size Bark & Mulch Blowers for compost erosion control blanket applications. Customization of HydroSeeders and Bark Blowers on tracks for off-road applications is available. For more than 80 years, FINN has been providing quality equipment to the erosion control industry. Geostar Technologies Starting with its own line of geogrid for use in the reinforcement of mechanically stabilized earthen slopes and walls, Geostar Technologies have built a solid reputation in a high-demand field with little room for error. The company has expanded its product lines to include welded wire forms for wall facing, gabions, woven and nonwoven filter fabric, extruded geogrid for base reinforcement, as well as a full line of erosion control materials and other specialty products. Geostar Technologies can offer both LTL and mixed trucks out of one of its warehouses, or for the best value, containers direct from the factory. Watershed Geo Specifically designed by Watershed Geo to reduce construction and long-term maintenance costs associated with erosion, HydroTurf is an advanced revetment technology that combines engineered synthetic turf with a high-friction geomembrane. It is locked into place with a specially designed HydroBinder high-strength cementitious infill. HydroTurf offers the environmental and aesthetic benefits of vegetation as well as the performance and maintenance benefits of hard armor. Silt Sock Silt Sock manufactures tube-based products for controlling erosion and reducing sediment. Silt Sock’s products also reduce heavy metals, minerals, and nutrients. These products are known as silt socks, filter socks, or sediment socks. The tubes are filled with properly sized and environmentally sound filter media. This media consists of compost, wood chips, or other organic media. In addition to the finished product, Silt Sock also supplies fabric and equipment to produce filled socks. This process minimizes expense on transporting a ready-to-install sock.

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