Erosion Control March/April 2017 : CRP

SOIL CONSERVATION COFFERDAMS GEOSYNTHETICS THE JOURNAL FOR EROSION & SEDIMENT CONTROL PROFESSIONALS EROSIONCONTROL.COM MARCH/APRIL 2017 FREE SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL Stay Informed Regulatory compliance updates, the newest equipment and products, Best Management Practices, in-the-fi eld case studies and more… Renew your free subscription today! Don’t miss an issue of the nation’s leading publication for sediment and erosion control. The Science of Seed Selection A Few Good Sprouts 1-3EC1703Cover.indd 1 1/23/17 11:32 AM CLICK HERE TO RENEW ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION CARD YES! Renew or start my new subscription to Erosion Control FREE! No, I don’t wish to receive Erosion Control. Signature (required) _______________________________________________ Date _______________ Print Name _________________________________________________________________________ Print Title __________________________________________________________________________ Email Address _______________________________________________________________________ Phone # _______________________________ Fax #* ______________________________________ *By providing your fax number, you give us permission to send you occasional faxes that offer to renew your complimentary subscription. 1 2 A. B. C. H. P. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. Z. PRIMARY BUSINESS (Check One Only) Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture Engineering / Consulting Contractor / Construction Waste Disposal Facility Geology / Hydrology Public Works / Highway Construction Agriculture Mining / Land Clearing Government Federal Government State Government Local Government Regional Authority Government Military Government Other _____________________________________ Other ______________________________________________ Company/Organization ________________________________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________________________________ City & State ______________________________________________________ Zip _______________ Company/Organization Web Address ______________________________________________________ WHAT IS YOUR JOB TITLE? (Check One Only) Owner / Manager / Superintendent / Director or Other Executive Engineer / Designer / Planner / Scientist Operations / Installation / Maintenance Other ______________________________________________ Please contact me with editorial guidelines MAIL TO: Forester Media PO Box 3100 Santa Barbara, 93130 Please contact me regarding advertising SCAN TO RENEW Mail or fax this card to (630) 739-9700 EC_DIG_CT

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