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you can’t legislate personal The rich, soft soil has all run away leaving the responsibility, and after 40 land nothing but skin and bone. But in those years in this field, I really days the damage had not taken place, the hills think that you can’t regulate had high crests, the rocky plain of Phelleus was environmental quality: you covered with rich soil, and the mountains were have to first of all, edu-covered by thick woods… cate. To me, the concept of -Plato, 427–347 B.C. ahupua’a embodies both of these precepts. case involving construction erosion In the Land of the Lemurs . A few issues. While I cannot speak to the years ago I was asked to travel to specifics of that particular case, I Madagascar as part of a fact-finding mission in an international arbitration can tell you about my impressions of THE MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION FOR EROSION CONTROL PROFESSIONALS Earthen retaining wall featuring Slopemaster ® seed and Flexterra ® HP-FGM ® • Contains Annual and Perennial varieties for rapid establishment and long lasting erosion control • Custom blended with the most dependable legumes and grass seed varieties for your region • MYCO Advantage ® technology ensures faster germination and enhanced root development Contact Pennington Seed for all of your erosion control solutions CALL 1.800.588.0512 | EMAIL Pennington with design, Myco Advantage, Slopemaster and Slopemaster with design are registered trademarks of Pennington Seed, Inc. ©2014 Pennington Seed, Inc. Flexterra and HP-FGM are registered trademarks of Profile Products, LLC. PT30_v2 Madagascar: The environment that I saw was nothing like what you see in National Geographic specials. In doing a little research before my first trip I found that Madagascar—the fourth-largest island on the planet—is home to flora and fauna found nowhere else on Earth. About 90% of all these plants and animals are endemic, and 80% of the 14,883 plant species are found nowhere else in the world. Sounds like the place would be a tropi-cal Garden of Eden, and such was my expectation. WWW.EROSIONCONTROL.COM 10 EROSION CONTROL

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