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sediment load into the ocean. I learned later that at the time of French coloni-zation, there were six ports on the mar-gins of the island. Today, there is only one port due to sediment strangulation delivered from the rivers. As we flew more inland, the hills seemed to have been denuded long ago of their vegeta-tive cover. A thin, turbid vein of rusty water sclerotically meandered through wide flats of sediment deposited in the river valleys. I learned that Madagascar has lost Advanced Engineered Closure System Subtitle D Closure System for Impoundments and Landfills Closure Turf with Super pp Gripnet ® ® Closure Turf with MicroSpike p ® ® Engineered Turf Engineered Turf 6SHFLȴHG&#03;ΖQȴOO Agru Super Gripnet ® 6SHFLȴHG&#03;ΖQȴOO Agru MicroSpike ® 900 acres of closure and counting… Deforestation and the resulting sedimenta-tion of the river valleys in Madagascar As an erosion control and reveg-etation professional sitting by the window during an Airlink flight from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Antananarivo—the capital and largest city on Madagascar—I started to realize that something appeared very wrong from 30,000 feet as we gained the coast-line after a two-hour flight from the African continent. There appeared to be tremendous sediment plumes from where a few rivers discharged their red MARCH/APRIL 2017 &#18;&#17;&#03;DFUH&#03;ODQGȴOO&#03;FORVXUH&#03;LQ&#03;1HZ&#03;<RUN Visit us at Geotechnical Frontiers Booth #601 800-373-2478 Chris Eichelberger ClosureTurf ® is a product of Watershed Geosynthetics LLC. U.S. Patent Nos. 7,682,105 & 8,585,322. Canada Patent No. 2,663,170. Other Patents Pending. This information is provided for reference purposes only and is not intended as a warranty or guarantee. Agru America, Inc. assumes no liability in connection with the use of this information. EROSION CONTROL 11

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