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of Biosol, MycoApply, and Menefee humate. “I started test-ing these with my projects in 2008, and the results were so stupendous I converted 100% to organic. It works for lawns, planting trees, shrubs, everything.” Now, she holds forums for homeowners, gardeners, and landscapers—anyone who wants to get better results and get off the chemical amend-ment bandwagon. But there’s fascinating science behind these products, as Wisbey explains. When you fertilize with organics she says, they stay “in stasis” in the soil. In other words, “Once they go in, they stay there, whereas chemical fertilizers vaporize at a rate of about 30%. This vapor combined with air is converted to nitrous oxide, which is 330 times more damaging to the environment than carbon monoxide.” She adds, “Another 30% of chemical fertilizers gets washed out of the soil into our water systems aquifers and streams, creating high levels of nitrates in the water systems.” A product Wisbey uses with great success is Menifee humate, which creates humic acids in the soil and this breaks down organic materials. In her business, this eliminates the need for the tedious process to collect grass clippings. Wisbey describes the mycorrhizae in MycoApply as “a spore that a plant root recognizes as a friend, so the root sys-tem opens up and allows the spore to become part of the plant. “This is a naturally occurring fungus that is so beneficial to plants. When the symbiotic relationship forms and the plant produces sugars, it sends signals to the fungus, saying, ‘I need more nitrogen,’ so the spore creates filaments that The restoration included coir blankets, seed, wetland sod, upland shrubs, and cottonwood poles. will stretch out in the soil, find the nutrient, and deliver it to the plant.” Adding these organic microbial products to the earth is like adding a high-tech center for soil, a kind of clearing-W H A T M A T T E R S . JRM Chemical’s linear anionic polymers for soil erosion and waterway applications work safely and efficiently secure and protect the earth’s resources. Our professional polymer products get the job done: s s s s s s s s Reduce soil loss as well as chemical and fertilizer runoff Increase water infiltration Reduce labor to repair rills, gullies, and erodible soils Drive cost-efficient site operations Put the JRM advantage to work on your jobsite. Full family of erosion products – powders, emulsions and tablets ANSI/NSF 60 approved standards Site-specific polymer formulas Formulated for use with hydroseeding, over sprays, and turbid water application Designed by professionals, for professionals, JRM polymer products drive your on-the-job performance. FIND OUT MORE AT WWW.SOILMOIST.COM, OR 800-962-4010. JRM Chemical 20 EROSION CONTROL WWW.EROSIONCONTROL.COM

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