Erosion Control March/April 2017 : Page 31

fit these projects. Caterpillar also has a variety of attach-ments that can be added to increase the flexibility of these machines. Bobcat Company Bobcat Company, along with Rick and Julie Kreuter, hosts of the television show “Beyond the Hunt” on the Outdoor Channel, demonstrated the versatility of Bobcat products on a recent project. Glenn and Judy Stevens, living in Unity, ME, were chosen as recipients of the 2016 Create and Conserve Habitat Event. Each participant in the contest describes an ideal land transformation that would support conservation and wildlife habitat. The Stevens submitted a plan to care for land they own and to upgrade the wildlife habitat. “The property has been in my family since the 1960s, so it was important to continue this legacy by taking proper care of the land,” says Glenn Stevens. The hosts of the show and a team of Bobcat operators transformed their property in four days. Three compact track loaders, including the new Bobcat T595, compact excavators, an MT85 mini track loader, utility vehicles, and different attachments were used to complete the transformation. Included in the project were a 43,000-square-foot pond, a mile and a half of access trails, an erosion control fence, conservation plots, and a fire pit to enjoy while watching the wildlife. The wildlife expected to enjoy the food and water from the area includes moose, black bear, deer, foxes, lynx, hares, and bobcats. Compact equipment manufactured by Bobcat has been used for years in the field of erosion control. The smallest compact excavator, Bobcat 418, has a 10.2-horsepower engine and a maximum reach of 10.2 feet. The unit weighs 2,600 pounds and has a 28-inch width. The zero-tail-swing model provides flexibility to spread and place soil in a safe radius. The bucket digging force is 1,865 pounds per square foot. The track can be retracted to squeeze through tight spaces, and the undercarriage is also retractable. Extra protection for the equipment is provided by placement of the hydraulic cylinder on the top of the boom. This keeps it from hitting the trench, bucket, or nearby structures. The next larger Bobcat is the E320 excavator. It has a larger engine, at 13.9 horsepower, and weighs 4,300 pounds. The bucket digging force is more than twice that of the smaller excavator. It is also wider at 39 inches for the retracted size, but expands to 54 inches to provide more stability. This model is also a zero tail swing and has a maxi-mum reach of 14 feet. Attachments, such as a variety of buck-ets, grading blade, and trencher, are available. The new Bobcat T595 track loader has a rated operat-ing capacity of 2,200 pounds and operating weight at 8,055 pounds. It has a track system built from forged steel idlers and steel imbed tracks. Drive motors and hydraulic hoses are well protected from debris, mud, and other obstacles. The interior spots multiple seat options, improved visibility, and joystick controls. TECCO ® The active slope stabilization system TECCO ® -the high tensile steel wire mesh, in com-bination with rock or soil nailing, provides active sta-bilization to unstable soil and rock slopes, preventing unconsolidated soil and heavily weathered loose rocks from slipping or breaking away. TECCO ® is a proper active structural solution unlike rockfall netting which is a passive measure. TECCO ® system solutions enable vegetation regenera-tion unlike sprayed concrete. Scan to watch our TECCO ® movie Geobrugg North America, LLC 22 Centro Algodones Algodones, New Mexico 87001 Phone 505-771-4080 s Fax 505-771-4081 sINFO GEOBRUGG&#0e;COM MARCH/APRIL 2017 EROSION CONTROL 31


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