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The Bobcat MT85 mini track loader is rated at 850 pounds operating capac-ity and it has a tipping load of 2,458 pounds. The height to bucket hinge pin is 80.9 inches and the reach at maximum height is 18.6 inches. The width is 35.6 inches, so it can be operated in narrow spaces. It has ergonomically designed joystick controls and even a storage compartment and cup holder. The MT85 can be converted for trenching, digging, carrying materials, or sweeping by the addition of attachments. Mini Dredge Compact equipment can encompanss more than excavators, skid steers, and track loaders. Mini dredges also are useful for narrow, inaccessible waterways. J. E. Borries Inc. is a family owned marine construction and dredging com-pany located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. After damage that occurred with Hurricane Isaac in 2012, J. E. Borries was contracted for the dredging of three bayous around Gulfport, MS. The proj-For related articles: TURBIDITY BARRIERS Tough Guy ® HELPING TO SAVE AMERICA’S WATERWAYS ect is called SUDS for dredging work to be done on the Stark, Upper Davis, and Simmons bayous. The plan was to dredge the bayous, deposit the fines on a shallow-draft barge, and take them to Deere Island for deposit. For the project, J. E. Borries bought an 8-inch Badger Class dredge from DSC Dredge LLC of Reserve, LA. At Deere Island, the dredged sedi-ment is offloaded into a holding cell. Then the Badger dredge re-excavates the material and pumps it 2,000 feet to another location. The bottom of the holding cell is more than 9 feet, but the dredge can easily handle that depth. Over the course of the project, about 170,000 cubic yards of material will be deposited and later used for fill. J. E. Borries’ owner, Jason Bor-ries, says he chose the Badger dredge because of its affordability, availability, and the customer service and training offered by the company. The dredge is manufactured by DSC at its factory in Greenbush, MI. The working width of barely 10 feet and overall length of 54 feet means that it can be maneuvered into places where larger dredges cannot go. It can still dig down 20 feet at a 60-degree down angle, giving it the capability needed for these jobs. The Badger Class, 8-inch by 8-inch, Cutterhead Dredge is made for this kind of environmental project. Another ben-efit is that the entire dredge can fit on a single truck for transport. John Deere H2 Enterprises of Keenesburg, CO, is a family business that started out sup-plying turf. Over the years, it expanded into reclamation projects. Much of its work is for pipeline companies, but it also completes projects for governments and developmental groups. The typical job involves a six-man crew with John Deere skid steers and farm tractors to spread seed and mulch. The projects span 36 states and have reclaimed 6,500 miles of right of way. H2 Enterprises now employs 300 people. The company owns a large fleet of John Deere products, including skid steers and compact track loaders. Corey Huwa, one of the owners of the com-WWW.EROSIONCONTROL.COM Tough Guy ® Turbidity Barriers contain sediment runoff, allowing it to settle out and not contaminate adjacent waters. Manufactured by skilled American craftsmen, it is the BMP you can trust for such a critical job. Stocked in sizes 3’, 5’, 10’, and 15’ deep x 50’ length, ready for immediate shipment, but a vailable in sizes from 2’ to 125’ deep x lengths to 100 ’. Sold ONLY by Authorized TOUGH GUY Distributors, the very best environmental and construction supply companies. 800-823-7356 © 2016: Aer-Flo, Inc. All rights reserved. TOUGH GUY is a registered trademark of Aer-Flo, Inc. Made in America by AER-FLO, INC. 32 EROSION CONTROL


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