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REDI-ROCK way engineer. “Water and the force main are both six feet, and sewer is five, because we have a frost line here at four to four-and-a-half feet.” Team Elmer’s had addi-tional challenges when it came to moving the water lines. The requirements included moving a 20-inch water main 10 feet lower and 15 feet away from the second operational line. Next, they could not turn off the water supply to the city in order to do the move. Team Elmer’s used a line stop to move the 20-inch water main. Line stops are used to temporarily stop the water from flowing down the main pipes during construction. They are often left in place once installed and can be used later if the utility company needs to temporarily suspend flow in the future. Al MacDonald, project manager with Team Elmer’s, says 20-inch line stops are actually rare, mainly due to their size. “We had a 20-inch water main and a utility line that had to be buried, so we had to lower that utility main. The line stop was a way to main-tain flow to the city while we did that. And you have to be careful when there’s bends and elbows in the lines, because the force of the water is so strong.” The area of Lafranier Road that was cut down by 12 feet caused some distress when it came to adding the amenities for the neighborhoods. Team Elmer’s wasn’t going to have room to add a center turn lane, widen the road, and build the recommended pedes-trian-ready sidewalks. Instead, the Grand Traverse County Road Commission opted to build retaining walls using Redi-Rock blocks. After excavating approxi-mately 11,737 cubic yards of soil and sand, crews installed the walls consisting of 1,300 Redi-Rock Ledgestone wet-cast concrete blocks. Wet-cast concrete offers a greater level of detail with great durabil-ity and longevity. Walls using Ledgestone have a random, old-world stacked-stone appearance but incor-porate Redi-Rock’s knob-and-groove building design. Marvin Verwys of MDC, a Redi-Rock block supplier in Charlevoix, MI, describes the project. “Each block in that system has its own function. They were 60-inches-deep and weighed 3,300 pounds each. And each wall unit extended about 300 linear feet. Team Elmer’s put the retaining wall up extremely fast—super fast, and they did a great job on it.” The Reinforced Earth Company With over 45,000 completed structures across the USA isn’t it time to put our experience to work for you? Specify, Design and Build with confidence when you choose Reinforced Earth® Products. REINFORCED EARTH ® Precast Arches • MSE Retaining Walls • Noise Barriers MARCH/APRIL 2017 EROSION CONTROL 39

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